[Synopsis]You’re Beautiful: Episode 3|He is Beautiful Korean Drama

[Synopsis]You’re Beautiful: Episode 3|He is Beautiful Korean Drama
He is Beautiful Drama Synopsis Episode 3|You're Beautiful Korean Drama Synopsis
Sinopsis Drama Korea He is Beautiful/You're Beautiful

Tae-kyung confronts Mi-nyeo and plays his video recording of her admitting she’s a girl. He says almost triumphantly, “Go Mi-nam, you’re done for now,” and walks off smirking.

Mi-nyeo chases after him and begs him to listen. He doesn’t care to and dismisses her, heading to the elevator. As Mi-nyeo steps in front of the elevator doors, blocking his path, Jeremy catches a glimpse of the two and watches curiously. The scene sure has an odd vibe…
Tae-kyung tells her that he intends to hand the video over to Sung-chan and doesn’t want to see her again, calling her “Miss Go Mi-nam” pointedly.

Since he is unwilling to listen and about to leave, she looks at the phone/PDA in his hand, contemplating her move… and swipes it. She grabs it just as the elevator doors close, and dashes off.
Oh, no she di’n't. Tae-kyung chases her outside to a second-story landing, glowering all the while. He corners her and approaches menacingly (and good lordy does Jang Geun-seok have a frightening scowl), and grabs the camera/phone. He asks, “Do you think you won’t be found out without this? Are you an idiot?”

Those words get through to her, and Mi-nyeo realizes he’s right. She slackens her grip, energy sapping away. Sensing opportunity, Tae-kyung wrests the phone out of her grasp, but since she’s already weakened her grip, it goes flying… over the railing… and onto a truck below.
(Hehe. You can tell Tae-kyung is a proud guy who can’t admit his own mistakes, because he gripes, “How could you let go like that?” Mi-nyeo points out weakly, “You said to let go…”)

Tae-kyung orders Mi-nyeo to retrieve the phone and reluctantly gives her a boost up to the roof. Tae-kyung is solely concerned about the phone’s condition and grabs it back, worrying over new scratches, totally ignoring the fact that Mi-nyeo needs help down.
But soon, the truck starts moving…

Mi-nyeo attempts to call down to him, but her voice is weak and he’s preoccupied with his precious phone. When he finally turns to see the truck, he is so startled that he stares blankly as the truck pulls out of the parking lot.
Mi-nyeo tries her best to hang on, frightened and growing weaker. Just as she thinks she can’t hold on any longer, she hears Tae-kyung shouting after her — he’s running behind them, yelling at her to hang on tight.

But he’s no match for a vehicle, and can’t keep up. When the truck pauses at a red light, Tae-kyung yells at Mi-nyeo to get off quickly.
She staggers to her feet and musters her courage, jumping off as the light turns green. Tae-kyung races to try to catch her; she lands on her feet (owww), but he breaks her fall as she falls onto him.

As a result, both are a little bruised and battered as they limp home. Mi-nyeo follows a few paces behind, and although he glares at her, I think he’s actually more angry at himself for caring in the first place.
Mi-nyeo thanks him for running after her and catching her fall. Tae-kyung is so astounded by these events that he asks if this is a secret camera prank, and looks around for a crew. (It’s cute how he adjusts his attitude to appear less grouchy when there’s the possibility that he’s being taped.)

He calls her a public nuisance and decides, “Being around you is unlucky. Go Mi-nam, you’re dangerous.” He recalls all the messes she’s made, shuddering, and demands, “Take care of the messes you’ve made and disappear.”
Tearing up, she says, “I understand. I’ll quit in order to keep further problems from arising.”

Mi-nyeo reports to Hoon-yi and Stylist Wang that she has been exposed, and they’re dejected that the jig is up. However, Hoon-yi perks up to consider that Tae-kyung is the only one who knows. That means that if they could only get rid of him…
We wouldn’t have a Hong sisters drama without a collection of pop culture parodies, and the first comes as Hoon-yi imagines locking up Tae-kyung a la Oldboy. Naturally the two ladies reject that idea. Then what if they insist that he confused Mi-nam with someone else? They could pull an identity con like in Wife’s Temptation

If that fails, then they must beg! A Super Junior (“Sorry Sorry”) parody ensues. LOL.
That night, Tae-kyung feels bad to recall how Mi-nam had been limping after her jump from the truck. When that thought unsettles him, he brushes it aside, telling himself it’s a good thing he decided not to get involved.

On their way home, Jeremy eyes Mi-nam suspiciously, remembering the scene he overheard, and asks if she caused trouble for Tae-kyung again. Still feeling the sting of Tae-kyung’s words, she glumly confirms his accusations, referring to herself using Tae-kyung’s accusations — she’s a nuisance who’s always causing injury to others.
That triggers Jeremy’s overactive imagination, and he re-interprets the earlier scene at the elevator. This time, he sees Mi-nam as the (romantic) aggressor, and Tae-kyung as the victim. It’s hilarious.
While Jeremy has his freak-out, Shin-woo looks at her curiously and notices her fresh injuries. At the house, he calls her aside and attends to her cuts, commenting that this must be how Jeremy feels to take care of Jolie.

She’s saddened to be compared to a dog, but he didn’t mean it in a bad way: “You’re like a dog who has lost its way. I feel like I have to take care of you.”
To lift her spirits, he confides a story of how he was once rejected by a girl because of a dog. He had liked a girl from Seoul, and wanted to “correct” his speech from his rustic accent to the Seoul accent. When he had asked a question mixing his Seoul accent with a Southern colloquialism, the girl had misunderstood his question to mean “Does your family catch dogs?” and got offended.
As his Seoul accent is now perfect, nobody knows he’s from the South; he’s sharing this as a secret with her. He also tells her to call him hyung, and she’s not quite comfortable with that. Testing her reaction, he asks, “Then, do you want to call me oppa?” She obviously can’t do that, so she should call him Shin-woo hyung.

Little do they know, Jeremy has seen (but not heard) this exchange from the house, and is completely weirded out at the close vibe between Shin-woo and Mi-nam. Thus when Mi-nam comes upon him to hand back the apple he’d dropped, his imagination again kicks in and he interprets her simple actions in a suggestive light.
He warns himself, “There’s definitely something weird with that guy. I’d better be careful.”

That night, Mi-nyeo deals with the fact that she has to drop out of A.N.JELL, and apologizes to Mi-nam for ruining his dreams. Worst of all is the feeling that she’s useless, that she has no purpose as a person.
In the morning, she attempts to call Sung-chan to come clean, but he isn’t answering his phone. During the group’s ride to the agency, Tae-kyung calls Jeremy to find out whether Mi-nam has quit yet (although he doesn’t use those words). Hearing that nothing is amiss, he figures she hasn’t.

Mi-nam’s selfish aunt arrives outside the agency and is unable to get past security, who don’t buy that she’s Mi-nam’s aunt. Therefore she has to sit with all the other fans who are camped out to get a glimpse of the stars. But an ill-timed bathroom break means that she misses the arrival of the three A.N.JELL members, so she passes an envelope to a delivery man, asking him to make sure Mi-nam gets it.
Mi-nyeo heads for Sung-chan’s office first thing, only to find that he’s out. She waits in his office, which is when she is handed her aunt’s envelope. Inside is a sole photograph, a childhood image of Mi-nam, Mi-nyeo, and their father. No note accompanies the picture, but she knows immediately that somebody close to her must have sent it. Hearing that the source was a middle-aged lady wearing red who was just outside, Mi-nyeo races outside to find her.
On the way, she runs into Sung-chan, who is ready to hear what she has to say. Making a split-second decision, Mi-nyeo decides that the envelope lady is more important, and runs outside.

Arriving separately, Tae-kyung happens to glimpse Mi-nam running down the street, toward the subway station, and wonders what that’s all about.
She’s not far behind her aunt, but she doesn’t quite know who she’s looking for and misses her several times.

A few schoolgirls start to recognize Mi-nam as an A.N.JELL member, just as Tae-kyung arrives and flips up her hood to hide her face. She resists, saying she has someone to find, but he grabs her arm and pulls her away.
Mi-nyeo confides that it could have been her mother: “Even if she’s not my mother, I won’t be disappointed. If I could just hear news of her, I’d be happy with that.” She tries to comfort herself saying that if the woman came this far, she’ll probably try to contact her again.

Tae-kyung watches as she prays, intrigued and also annoyed with her reaction: “What would you do then? Even if she came, you won’t be here. Did you forget your promise to leave the group immediately?”
He doesn’t want to hear her wallowing in self-pity, and even when she pleads to stay just until the woman returns, he answers coolly, “No. Go Mi-nam, you’re out. Nothing’s changed.”

Mommy issues are never that simple, though, as we see when Tae-kyung returns to his hotel and again crosses paths with his mother. She’s perfectly cool, and points out that he stayed even knowing she was staying here — “Wasn’t that because you were hoping you might run into me?”
Although Tae-kyung’s response is cold, it’s clear he’s much angrier than he’d like to be. Anger suggests hurt, and he flashes back to a childhood memory of being home alone, seeing his mother onscreen because she was never around in person. The memories disgust him, and he mutters to himself, “What are you hoping for from the woman who abandoned you? Pathetic.”

When Mi-nam sits down to talk with Sung-chan, she mulls over the latest developments, and has a hard time getting her words out. But she changes her mind at the last minute, and says with determination, “I cannot leave. I absolutely cannot leave. I will stay here as Go Mi-nam. Until now, I have felt that I was dragged here forcefully, but not anymore. I have a reason to stay here. I will stick it out no matter what.”
(Sung-chan is a little confused, but he rolls with it.)

Next, Mi-nyeo confronts Tae-kyung outside his hotel. To explain how important it is to reunite with her mother (and therefore stay with A.N.JELL), she hands him a ring. There were two rings given to her and Mi-nam, symbolic of their parents. This is her most prized possession, and now she entrusts it to Tae-kyung as a symbol of her commitment: “Hold onto this and have faith in me.”
He isn’t moved: “Do you think you can find your mother if you stick around?” She answers, “If I search for her earnestly, I believe I can.”
He’s unimpressed with her fervor, saying, “Shall we see if earnestness will find her for you?” With that, he throws the ring over the railing, into the stream below.

Mi-nyeo can’t believe it, and glares at him in shock. He tells her, “Once you’ve been abandoned, it’s over. Your mother left you behind so that’s the end of that, and that’s the end of your ring, too. So end this insistence on being Go Mi-nam.”
She walks to him angrily and shoves him: “I told you that was precious to me!” He retorts, “See, you’re getting angry because you think you can’t find it.”
When she insists she will find it, he throws down the gauntlet: “If you do, I’ll believe you and accept you for real.”

So she steps into the water to feel around for the ring, stubbornly wading from one end to the other. Tae-kyung thinks he’s teaching her a lesson — that things that are lost don’t come back to you — but she refuses to give up. By nighttime, she’s shivering and sniffling, and Tae-kyung watches incredulously: “Is she stupid? Does she really think she can find it?”
As I suspected, it’s in his hand — he’s had the ring the entire time. He feels a twinge of guilt, but sneers, “You won’t ever find it. Give up.”
He has trouble falling asleep that night but convinces himself that she’s probably given up. In the morning, he’s satisfied (and relieved) to see that she’s gone.
Until she moves from behind a boulder, that is. Now he feels both guilty and impressed, and tells her to give it up. Mi-nyeo just shoots him a resentful look and persists: “I’m going to find it.”

Realizing she means it, he concedes, “You don’t have to find it. Come out now,” and shows her the ring.
Registering this, Mi-nyeo gets out of the water and approaches with an angry look in her eyes. Tae-kyung can’t really argue with that, and he says, “Fine, you’re strong and you’re great. That’s enough now.”
He seems nervous for her reaction, and automatically assumes that she’ll hate him, as most people would do. (He certainly deserves it.) But she surprises him by grabbing his hand and saying with relief, “I found it.”

He thinks she’s going to hit him, but she grabs him in a bear hug and says tearfully, “Thank you, Hwang Tae-kyung.” She also points out that she did in fact “find” the ring (which means she won this challenge).
Completely thrown off-guard, he tries to push her off, but she holds on tight. Uncomfortably, he endures the hug.
Afterward, her good spirits are completely restored, and she thanks Tae-kyung for not ratting her out. He clarifies that he won’t tell on her, but he also isn’t going to help her. He will, however, be moving back to the A.N.JELL house.

A photo shoot has the group posing in a swimming pool, which is a concept that thoroughly amuses Tae-kyung because he knows a swimsuit shoot would expose Mi-nam. (Therefore, he’s the one left sulking when it turns out the shoot will have them posing fully clothed and Mi-nam is off the hook.)
Mi-nyeo struggles with the concept, and she ends up shooting and reshooting while the other guys rest.

Shin-woo shares some words of consolation, assuring her that all first shoots are like this. For instance, he relates the story of his own first shoot, which required him to hold a glass of wine and look cool. When the director called for “one shot” — in camera terms — he misinterpreted and downed the wine in one shot.
Jeremy again overhears the exchange and misunderstands. He tries to tell himself it’s nothing: “Shin-woo hyung is just being nice!” He hits himself for thinking bad thoughts, feeling guilty for doubting his hyung’s intentions.

Jeremy’s horror grows when he then catches Tae-kyung talking to Mi-nam. Tae-kyung sarcastically says that it’s too bad there weren’t any topless shots, because Mi-nam would’ve rocked those. He then disparages her meager bustline by saying there’s probably not too much to see anyway.
Misconstruing the conversation, Jeremy tells himself, “Tae-kyung hyung is only like that because they’re getting along now! It’s a good thing to be friendly with teammates!”

But Jeremy can’t shake his thoughts. When Shin-woo asks around for Mi-nam after the shoot warps, Jeremy confronts him, asking what his deal is with Mi-nam.
Meanwhile, Mi-nyeo has to figure out how to change into dry clothing without exposing herself in the men’s locker room. (Tae-kyung enjoys poking at her insecurities, and says in reference to the aforementioned bustline, “There may be nothing worth seeing, but I’ll look forward to it. Try manning up and go to the locker room.”)

Instead, she sneaks back toward the now-empty pool area, which has been closed by the crew. However, a crew member has left behind a piece of equipment, so in the midst of her clothing change, the lights flick back on, and staffers come back to search for it.
Tae-kyung overhears the crew talking and guesses that Mi-nyeo is going to be in trouble — and sure enough, she finds herself cornered. Without a better option, she jumps into the pool to avoid discovery. (Let’s ignore the fact that the guys totally missed seeing a body splash into the water a few feet away!)

Tae-kyung looks around and knows she’s here somewhere, finally spotting bubbles rising from the pool. She can’t come up yet because the staffers are still looking around the perimeter, and Mi-nyeo tells herself to hang on.
Worried now, Tae-kyung checks his watch — she’s passed the 1-minute mark… She starts to lose consciousness…
Mi-nyeo prays to the Mother Superior for help, and just then, Tae-kyung splashes into the pool and swims toward her. She makes out his blurry form and wonders, “Mother Superior, someone has come to get me. Is he an angel?”

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Sinopsis Drama Korea You're Beautiful|Episode 3|Sinopsis Drama Indosiar|Terjemahan Indonesia

Tae Kyung berhadapan dengan Mi Nam dan dia menunjukan rekaman video yang menyatakan kalau Mi Nam itu wanita. Mi Nam shock melihatnya.
"kau sudah ketahuan. aa yang akan kau lakukan? karena itulah kau harus ikat dengan baik" tanya Tae Kyung sambil melihat kain yan gmembebat payudara Mi Nam terlihat.
"Go Mi Nam? sekarang kausudah melakukannya" kata Tae Kyung sambil berlalu
"Hwang Tae Kyung" panggil Mi Nam sambil mengejar Tae Kyung

Mi Nam berusaha menghentikan Tae Kyung di depan lift. Mi Nam ingin menjelaskannya tapi Tae Kyung tidak mau mendengarnya. Sementara itu dari balik tembok Jeremy melihat Mi Nam dan Tae Kyung. Jeremy melihat Mi Nam memegang tangan Tae Kyung dan memohon tapi Tae Kyung menghempaskan Mi Nam dan masuk kedalam lift, Mi Nam menahan pitu Lift. Jeremy semakin curiga tiba-tiba teman-teman dance datang menghampiri Jeremy dan dia menagajak teman-temannya untuk lewat jalan lain saja.

Mi Nam masih menahan pintu lift, dia mencoba bicara tapi Tae Kyung selalu mendahuluinya. Tae Kyung berkata akan membawa rekaman itu ada Presiden Ahn. Tae Kyung menggebrak "
pintu lit dan Mi Nam melepaskan pegangannya. Disaat pintu lift semakin menutup, Mi Nam melihat ada celah baginya untuk merebut rekaman itu dan Mi Nam berhasil merebutnya. Tae Kyung mengejar Mi Nam.

Terjadi kejar-kejaran diantara mereka. Mi Nam tersudut dia mencoba menghapus videonya tapi dia tidak tahu caranya sementara itu Tae Kyung terus berjalan menghampiri Mi Nam. Mereka saling mengecoh(mirip kaya main galaxin). Mereka rebutan HP.
"Kau pikir kau tidak akan ketahuan. Jika ini dihilangkan?"kata Tae Kyung
"apakau bodoh?walaupun itu menghilang, bukankah kau masih seorang perempuan" lanjut Tae Kyung
Mi Nam melunak Tae Kyung menarik HP Nya tapi HP itu malah terlempar keatas truk. TAe Kyung menyalahkan Mi Nam. Mereka bergegas mengambil HP dari atas truk. Tae Kyung menyuruh Mi Nam naik keatas truk untuk mengambilnya. Mi Nam mendaptkan HP nya dan melemparkannya pada Tae Kyung. Tae Kyung membalikan badanya dan mengecek keadaan Hp nya. Mi Nam ingin turun tapi dia tidak bisa.

supir truk masuk kedalam mobil truk yang dinaiki Mi Nam dan memulai menyalakan kemudinya. Truk itu pun perlahan berjalan mundur, Mi Nam berusaha memberi tahu Tae Kyung. Tapi Tae Kyung tidak sadar dengan kata-kata Mi Nam. Sampai akhirnya Tae Kyung membalikan badannya ke arah Mi Nam dan melihat truk itu tepat didepan mukanya sebelum akhirnya truk melaju kedepan dan Tae Kyung hanya diam tertegun belum sadar.Mi Nam memanggil-manggil Tae Kyung dia menangis ketakutan.

Mi Nam berpegangan erat pada truk dia memohon agar tru berhenti tapi supir truk tidak mendengarnya scene ni benar-benar menegangkan. Disaat Mi Nam hampir menyerah dan akan jatuh tapi dari kejauhan terdengar suara Tae Kyung yang memintanya tetap berpegangan dan benar saja Tae Kyung berlari di belakang truk.

Tae Kyung sudah tidak mampu lagi mengejar truk itu dan truk itu perlahan menjau dari Tae Kyung sebelum akhirnya dihentikan oleh lampu merah dan Tae Kyung kembali mengejar truk itu dan meminta Mi Nam melompat. Mi Nam melompat tepat saat truk itu akan melaju. Mi Nam menindih badan Tae Kyung dan menagis sesegukan.

Mereka berjalan terpincang-pincang.
"Hwang Tae Kyung, kau berkeringat cuma karena mengejarku dan punggungmu terluka ketika mengejarku"kata Mi Nam
"Terima kasih" lanjut Mi Nam
"Ya karena dirimu aku jadi kotor, bau, basah dan sakit"
"kau sakit?apa yang seharusnya aku lakukan?" tanya Mi Nam
"apa yang harus aku lakukan?huh apa yang harus aku lakukan?" Tae Kyung mengulang kata-kata Mi Nam
Tae Kyung sempat merasa ini hanya akal-akalan jadi dia mencoba mengecek tapi itu malah membuat Mi Nam bingung. Tae Kyung sadar kejadian ini bukanlah akal-akalan. Mi Nam meminta Tae Kyung tenang tapi Tae Kyung malah membentak Mi Nam. Dan mengatakan kalau Mi Nam itu pengacau. Mi Nam mengerti dan dia memutuskan akan pergi.

Mi Nam menemui manager Ma dan Wang Kko Di (stylish Wang) kalau dirinya sudah diketahui Tae Kyung. Mi Nam memohon pada manger Ma untuk menjelaskannya pada presiden Ah. Dirumah Tae Kyung memikirkan semuayang terjadi dan berkata pada dirinya sendiri dia tidak akan terlibat.

Dalam perjalanan pulang Jeremy bertanya pada Mi Nam apa sesuatu terjadi pada Tae Kyung. Mi Nam menjawab kalau dirinya adalah pengacau yang bisa menyelakakan orang lain. Jeremy menyimpulkan kejadian itu sendiri, Jeremy meras Tae Kyung adalah korban Mi Nam dan dia menjadi takut.

Di rumah Shin Woo mengobati luka Mi Nam. Shin Woo berkata mungkin begini perasaan Jeremy saat merawat Jolly. Mi Nam berkata" maksudmu kau menganggapku sebagai anjing"
"Kau seperti anjing yang tersesat. Aku merasa aku harus merawatmu." kata Shin woo
Shin Woo bercerita bahwa ia pernah ditolak seorang gadis karena seekor anjing. Dia menyukai gadis dari Seoul dan ingin memperbaiki logatnya dari logat kampungan menjadi logat Seoul. Shin Woo bertanya sesuatu dengan logat Seoul tapi bercampur dengan logat Selatan, gadis itu salah mengertikannya dan menjadi "Apa keluargamu menangkap anjing?" Lalu ia ditolak. Shin Woo minta Mi Nam memanggilnya "hyung", Mi Nam tidak nyaman dengan panggilan itu, Shin Woo ingin melihat reaksi Mi Nam dan tanya "Lalu .. . apa kau ingin memanggilku oppa?" . Akhirnya Mi Nam memanggil Shin Woo dengan panggilan Shin Woo-hyung.

Ternyata Jeremy melihat tapi ga mendengarkan percakapan mereka dari rumah. Dan ia merasa aneh. Betapa dekatnya Mi Nam dengan Shin Woo. Mi Nam mendekati Jeremy untuk mengembalikan apelnya yang jatuh, Jeremy takut dan mulai berimajinasi aneh. Jeremy memberikan apelnya untuk Mi Nam dan di pergi. Dikamarnya Mi Nam berpikir keras dan akhirnya memutuskan untuk pergi.

Besoknya Bibi Mi Nam datang ke kantor management A.N.JELL dan mau bertemu Mi Nam, pihak management tidak percaya kalau ia bibinya. Di mobil van A.N.JELL Jeremy mendapt telepon dari Tae Kyung yang menanyakan Mi Nam, Tae Kyung hanya ingin memastikan apakah Mi Nam masih ada atau tidak. Dan Tae Kyung tahu ternyata Mi Nam maih ada. Saat ke 3 A.N.JELL tiba, bibi Mi Nam memanggil-manggil nama Mi Nam tapi Mi Nam tidak mendengarnya. Bibi Mi Nam pun duduk bersama fans yang berkemah di luar kantor. Dan dia menitipkan amplop pada pengantar surat dan meminta Mi Nam yang menerimanya

Mi Nam langsung menuju ke kantor untuk bertemu dengan presiden Ahn, tapi ia tidak di kantor. Mi Nam menunggu di kantornya, seorang pengantar surat datang dan memberikan surat bibinya pada Mi Nam. Di dalamnya ada satu foto, foto waktu Mi Nam masih kecil, Mi Nyu, Mi Nam dan ayah mereka. Di amplop itu tidak ada pesannya, tapi Mi Nam tahu bahwa seseorang yang dekat dengannya yang mengirimnya. Mi Nam langsung lari keluar mencari bibinya, mengenakan baju merah dan berusia setengah baya.

Saat keluar, ia bertemu presiden Ahn yang siap mendengar apa yang ingin dikatakan Mi Nam, Mi Nam berpikir dan memutuskan bahwa mengejar wanita itu lebih penting. Tae Kyung datang dengan mobilnya sendiri dan ia sempat melihat Mi Nam lari keluar ke arah jalan dan ia bertanya-tanya apa yang terjadi. Sebenarnya Mi Nam tidak jauh dari bibinya, tapi ia tidak tahu pasti siapa yang ia cari dan beberapa kali melewatinya. TAe Kyung menghampiri Mi Nam dan semua orang di stasiun sadar bahwa mereka adalah A.N.JELL. Tae Kyung menarik Mi Nam dan membawanya pergi lalu Mi Nam menghempaskan tangan Tae Kyung dan berkata kalau dia harus mencari seseorang.

Tae Kyung membawa Mi Nam pulang ke hotel dan mereka berdua berbicara.Mi Nam berkata mungkin orang yang mengirimkan amplop ini adalah ibuku dan dia tidak akan kecewa seandainya itu bukan ibunya. Mi Nam berkata mungkin dia akan datang lagi. Mi Nam memohon pada Tae Kyung agar membiarkannya tetap tinggal tapi Tae Kyung malah berkata " Tidak Go Mi Nam kau keluar. Tidak ada yang berbubah".

Tae Kyung kembali ke hotel dan dia bertemu dengan ibunya, Mo Hwa Ran. Hwa Ran berkata bahwa Tae Kyung tidak tahu jika dirinya juga tinggal dihotel yang sama. Tae Kyung bersikap dingindan dia marah saat ingat dulu dia selalu sendirian dirumah. Mi Nam menghadap president Ahn, dia ingin mengatakan yang sebenarnya hanya susah mengatakannya. Akhirnya dia berubah pikiran dan berkata : "Aku tidak bisa pergi. Aku benar-benar tidak bisa pergi. Aku akan tinggal disini sebagai Go Minam. Sampai sekarang, aku merasa aku diseret dengan paksa, tapi tidak lagi. Aku punya alasan untuk tinggal di sini. Aku akan tetap bertahan bagaimanapun juga."
President Ahn bingung mendengar kata-kata Mi Nam.

dMi Nam menemui Tae Kyung dihotel
"kau disini untuk memohon, lagi?" tanya Tae Kyung
"Ya aku disini untuk memohon. bagiku ini adalah masalah yang mengerikan" kata Mi Nam
Mi Nam menyerahkan cincin ibunya dan meminta Tae Kyung menjaganya sebentar.Tapi Tae Kyung malah melemparnya kedalam air. Mi Nam mencari cincinya sampai keesokan harinya.

Tae Kyung datang ke tempat dia bertemu Mi Nam untuk mengecek apakah Mi Nam masih ada atau tidak dan Tae Kyung terkejut saat melihat Mi Nam masih mencari cincinnya.
"menyerah saja dan keluarlah" bujuk Tae Kyung
tapi Mi Nam tidak mendengarkannya dan terus mencari.
"cincin itu ada disini"kata Tae Kyungjadi Tae Kyung tidak benar-benar membuang cincinnya.
"aku menemukannya" kata Mi Nam
"benar kau menemukannya" kata Tae Kyung
Mi Nam mengambil cincinya dari Tae Kyung tapi terlihat seperti akan memukul Tae Kyung
"Apakau akan memukulku lagi? tanya Tae Kyung
Tapi Mi Nam malah memeluk Tae Kyung
"terima kasih Hwang Tae Kyung"
"aku cukup terkenal, menyusahkan jika kau lakukan ini disini (pelukan)" kata Tae Kyung menutup kepalanya dan mengangkat kedua tangannya keatas. Dan Mi Nam memeluk Tae Kyung erat-erat (Mi Nam ga sadar kali ya kalau Tae Kyung tuh laki-laki dan merasakan hal yang beda kalo dipeluk kaya gitu, hehehe).

Tae Kyung memutuskan untuk kembali ke rumah A.N.JELL.

A.N.JELL harus melakukan pemotretan di kolam renang. Tae Kyung senang karena jika foto di kolam renang,Mi Nam pasti akan ketahuan, tapi dia kesal saat tahu mereka berfoto dengan pakaian lengkap dan Mi Nam dapat selamat.

Mi Nam masih harus mengulangi pemotretan karena dia tidak berhasil mengeluarkan ekspresi yang diharapkan fotographer. Sementara yang lainnya sudah beristirahat. Shin woo membagi pengalamannya bahwa semua pemotretan awalnya akan seperti ini. Jeremy sekali lagi mendengar percakapan mereka dan salah paham lagi. Jeremy mencoba menghibur dirinya, "Shin Woo hanya mencoba bersikap baik!" Jeremy memukul dirinya sendiri karena memikirkan hal-hal buruk, dan merasa bersalah karena meragukan Tae Kyung dan Shin Woo.

Jeremy jadi takut saat ia mendengar Tae Kyung berkata pada Mi Nam, "Sayang kita tidak foto dengan baju terbuka, karena Mi Nam tidak akan mengguncang mereka." Tae Kyung lalu menunjuk dada Mi Nam dengan berkata mungkin tidak ada yang bisa dilihat disana. Jeremy berkata pada dirinya sendiri, "Tae Kyung hanya seperti itu karena sekarang mereka sudah akrab. Menyenangkan jika melihat teman-teman menjadi akrab." Tapi Jeremy merasa aneh, saat Shin Woo mencari Mi Nam usai pemotretan, Jeremy langsung tanya apa urusan Shin Woo dengan Mi Nam.
Mi Nam bingung bagaimana ia bisa berganti baju kering tanpa masuk ke ruang ganti pria. Karena Tae Kyung terus mengganggunya dan berkata bahwa ia tidak keberatan melihat Mi Nam ganti baju. Mi Nam akhirnya menyelinap masuk kembali ke kolam renang yang sudah kosong, yang sudah ditutup oleh kru. Mi Nam berganti pakaiain dipojokan, Tapi seorang kru meninggalkan peralatan, jadi saat Mi Nam ganti baju, lampu kembali menyala, dan beberapa petugas masuk untuk mengambil peralatannya.

Tae Kyung mendengar para kru berbicara dan menebak bahwa Mi Nam pasti akan mengalami kesulitan lagi. Mi Nam tersudut. Dia tidak punya pilihan, maka ia melompat ke dalam kolam dan menahan napas untuk menghindari kru. Mi Nam nyebur tapi ko ga kedengeran suara airnya aneh, napasnya Mi Nam juga panajng banget, hehehe

Tae Kyung mencari kesekeliling kolam, akhirnya dia melihat ada gelembung udara dari kolam. TaeKyung tahu Mi Nam tidak bisa keluar sekarang karena para staf masih disekitar situ mencari peralatan, dan Mi Nam masih bertahan.

Tae Kyung sekarang benar- benar khawatir dan melihat jamnya, Mi Nam sudah ada di dalam air selama 1 menit. Mi Nam mulai kehilangan kesadarannya dan berkata pada kepala Biarawati dan berkata seharusnya dia masih bisa bertahan.Tae Kyung melompat kedalam kolam untuk menyelamatkannya. Mi Na berkata dalam hatinya Kepala biarawati seseorang datang padaku, apa dia seorang malaikat. Dan Tae kyung meraih tangan Mi Nam.

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