DREAM HIGH (Korean Drama 2011) | Synopsis, Plot, Cast, Trailer

DREAM HIGH (Korean Drama 2011) | Synopsis, Plot, Cast, Photo & Trailer

Title: Dream High,드림하이 (Deu-rim-ha-i)
Genre: Musical, school, romance
Episodes: 16
Producer: Bae Yong Joon, Park Jin Young
Screenwriter: Park Hye Ryun(박혜련)
Director: Lee Eung Bok (이응복)
Broadcast network: KBS2 , Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-03
Production Companies: KeyEast, JYPE, and CJ Media
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars.Students at an arts and entertainment school mature as they face incidents and struggles. This movie shows singing, dancing, and acting and also shows the true side of the entertainment industry.

"Dream High" takes place at Kirin High School of Art and follows the lives of students as they aspire to become superstars.

Song Sam-Dong (Kim Soo-Hyun) lives in the country side and dreams of becoming an owner of a stock farm. He falls in love with Ko Hye-Mi (Bae Suji) at first sight and follows her to Kirin High School of Art. There he discovers his genius like musical talent.

Jin-Gook (TaecYeon) is a gifted dancer, but a troubled student at school. The director of Kirin High School of Art ((Bae Yong-Jun)) recommends to Jin-Gook to enroll at his school. There, Jin-Gook's talents blossom and he now dreams of becoming a global star.

Exchange student Kevin (Wooyoung) comes to Kirin High after receiving the top score for new applicants. He comes from abroad and shows outstanding skills as a dancer.

Ko Hye-Mi (Bae Suji) is the most popular girl at Kirin High. She carries herself as a confident girl, but inside hides a sad past. She dreamed of becoming a world renown classical vocalist, but after the collapse of her family she had no choice but to enter Kirin High School of Art. She is loved by Song Sam-Dong and Jin-Gook.

Yoon Becky (Eun Jung) looks up to Ko Hye-Mi, who appears to have everything. They soon become rivals.

Eria (Yoon Young-Ah) is a popular teen star. She enters Kirin High School of Art and becomes the object of admiration by her peers. She looks forward to having a "regular" school life.

1. "Dream High" will be co-produced by Bae Yong-Jun's KeyEast, Park Jin-Yeong JYP Entertainment, and CJ Media. Park Jin-Yeong will also act as the music director for the drama series.
2. Auditions will be held for roles in "Dream High".
3. Cast members that are actual pop stars include TaecYeon & Wooyoung from "2PM", Bae Suji from "Miss A", Eun Jung from "T-ARA" and IU who is a female solo singer.

Main Cast
Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong
Taecyeon as Jin Gook
Suzy as Go Hye Mi
Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee
Wooyoung as Jason
IU as Kim Pil Sook
Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Oh Hyuk
Lee Yoon Ji as Shi Kyung Jin
Jun Ah Min (전아민) as Jo In Sung
Han Ji Hoo as Park Do Joon
Yoon Young Ah as Lee Ri Ah
Park Jin Sang (박진상) as Jun Tae San
Kim Bo Reum (김보름) as Ha So Hyun
Bae Yong Joon as Jung Ha Myung
Park Jin Young (박진영) as Yang Jin Man
Lee Byung Joon as Shi Bum Soo
Lee Yoon Mi as Maeng Seung Hee
Baek Won Kil (백원길) as Gong Min Chul
Ahn Kil Kang as Ma Doo Shik
Ahn Sun Young as Kang Oh Sun
Ahn Seo Hyun as Go Hye Sung
Lee Hye Sook as Song Nam Boon
Choi Il Hwa as Hyun Moo Jin
Park Hyuk Kwon (박혁권) as Go Byung Jik
Jung Min Joo (정민주)/JOO (주) as Jung Ah Jung
Park Hwi Soon as Jin Gook’s roommate (ep 1-2)
Jo Soo Mi (조수미) as herself (cameo, ep 1)
Kim Hyun Joong as himself (cameo)

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  1. @oanalupu23:thank you, i will corrected :)

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    @mandarinzone: yes,you can share it. . don't forget to link it back. .
    thanks :)

  3. Wahh, SARANGHAE Jason and Samdong :))

  4. i love dream high and especially song sam dong, go hye -mi,jason and pil sook..they are lovable actor and actresses

  5. Very unique and u will wondered about the love triangle :P

  6. I really wish if hye mi can be in love with shin hyuk (jin guk)

  7. aigoooo
    ilike go hye mi , esp. jyp
    hes doing great

  8. could i ask something
    go hye mi is inloved with sam dong?? right ??
    can anyone tell me

  9. ...How i wish Hye-Mi and Jin Gook will be the partners... there cute to be than Becky..

  10. Dream High!!!You really caught my attention!I appreciate the theme of the drama!Really appreciative!!!

  11. i love you taecyeon

  12. i have a crush on wooyoung.

  13. kin soo yhun is sooo cute!!kinilig aq sa ending hheeheh super <3 <3 <3

  14. wow!!!i didnt even realize that kim pil suk is iu and jin gook is taekyun from 2pm and hye mi from miss a!!!wohh!i already enjoyed the drama before knowing that they are from prestigious goups!!!wow jyp is really good in handling their career!!!
    i just love so much!
    i think i like it better than myself?!!heheehe
    more power to all cast members!!!
    dream high fighting!!!

  15. i love dream high...i love the songs and the character but i'm so disappointed when it comes to taecyeon and suzy.. i love them if they become lover in dream high..but i love it.more power and godbless i hope it have a part two.....

  16. Liked this drama better than Glee.

  17. I love dream high movie I love taecyeon, suzi, kim soo young, iu, wooyoung in dream high movie...... and i like suzi(happy birthday song) kim soo young and suzi (maybe song) and iu (someday song) and euujong and suzi sing(kumi songs) and all actor and actress sing "dream high" songs.

    Among them, i love taecyeon, wooyoung, suzi and iu.

  18. what model of superbike that taecyeon used in the drama...

  19. i'm so curious bout the ending... who did hye mi chose?? samdong or or jin gook??

  20. i really really like "DREAM HIGH"
    especially the love triangle between
    song sam dong , go hye mei and jin gook

  21. it's killing me!!!!!!!! why would hye mi not to end up with jingook???!!! i want to kill the director of this drama...,, bwahahahaha.,, jowkiee., but hye mi and jingook looks good together and they are close., they had been friends since their childhood times., how i wish they will be partners., grr., but..though i love it.. hehe.,., i still love this drama.. awesome., this makes them more popular :)

  22. sarangheyo cast of dreamhigh

  23. why dont hye mi choose jin guk ?

  24. Kyaa~ I so love this Drama! ^.^ I hope it'll have a part 2~ Love the cute couple, Pil Suk & Jason~ And I also like the love triangle! :D I REALLY wish this'll have a part 2! :)

    WOOYOUNG AND IU looks great together <3

  26. i think dream high is not worthy to be called a success.
    success are only for trying hard shows.
    dream high is not among them. success is too light to be associated with it: if there is a term more heavier than success then it is dream high.........

  27. Link download mp3 nya mana???

  28. Kim soo hyun <3 !!

  29. it's a great drama..really reallty love the act ft=rom the actors and actress, good job for you guys..waiting four your another episodes :)

  30. love this drama....!!!!!!super...it rounds in stuents' lives, families', friends',lovers',teachers',and pop stars'.....
    a challenging, amazing,touching and inspiring drama......

  31. love this drama.....super....
    a challenging, touching, amazing and inspiring drama.....
    it rounds in students' lives, teachers', lovers', families' and pop stars'....

  32. awww....i think jason was the cutest and i also liked the fact that he liked iu even when she was fat...

  33. I think Hae Mi looks better with Sam Dong than with Jin Gook. Oh god I love Sam Dong alot in this drama. He is amazing & so lovable:-)


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