200 Pounds Beauty ([미녀는 괴로워)

Genre                : Romance, Comedy
Released year   : 2006

Even though this movie is released about 8 years ago, this movie is still worth to watch. Did you ever hear about plastic surgery phenomena in Korea? Well, Korean citizens are so famous for their plastic surgery habit. Almost all the citizens have fixed their body or face part. One of my friends was studying abroad in one of Korean university. I asked her if that rumor is true and she said that was true. They had a plastic surgery like it was nothing. She said that even there was a high schooler can apply for plastic surgery without parents’ permission. And when that high school student told his parents about the surgery, they praised her and said the she looked more beautiful. When my friend told me about that, I was like “What the hell are these people?”

200 Pounds Beauty [미녀는 괴로워: Minyeoneun Gwerowo, literally means Hard to be a beauty] this movie tells about Han Na, a substitute singer who sang in the background for a beautiful singer who couldn’t sing (just lipsync and dance) named Ammy. This substitute singer has a beautiful voice but his face and body is ugly. Her body is obesity. She fell in love with Sangjun (Joo Jin-mo), the music compnay’s director and also Ammy’s boyfriend. Ammy, who knew that Han Na liked her boyfriend, embarrassed her in public by wearing the same outfit with Han Na. Of course the outfit will look good in Ammy and that poor Han Na will look very ugly. She hurt a lot when she overheard Sangjun said mean words behind her. Then she disappeared from them and planned to do plastic surgery. Just like a miracle, after some operation procedure and big effort, she finally got what she wanted, a perfect body with natural-beauty-like face. And she changed her name into Jenny (Kim Ah Jung).

After that, she came back to the place where she used to sing before she transformed into a beautiful girl. There was an audition there. But nobody recognized her so everything went smoothly. She started a brand new life as solo singer. But secret will eventually be leaked, it’s just about time. Some of her old photos leaked to public. There were some pro and contra of course. On a concert, she was still singing and then she revealed everything about his past life while crying. She apologized to fans and then the audiences in the concert hall chanted “Gwaenchanha!!” (It’s okay!!) together. Well, physical beauty is something that everyone can achieve with a little effort, but inner beauty is different matter.

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