DoReMiFaSolLaSiDo Korean Movie (2008)

DoReMiFaSolLaSiDo Korean Movie | 2008 | Synopsis,Detail,Cast,Photo

* Movie: Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, si, do / Doremifasolasido
* Hangul: 도레미파솔라시도
* Revised romanization: Doremifasolasido
* Director: Keon-hyang Kang
* Writer: Yeo-ni Kwi
* Producer:
* Cinematographer
* Release Date: April 3, 2008
* Runtime: 105 min.
* Language: Korean
* Country: South Korea

n “Doremifasoladido” high schooler Jung-won ([[Cha Ye-Ryeon]) works at an amusement park, dressed up as Dragon cartoon character. Then one day, a guy standing among his friends twists her dragon mask around, causing her to fall flat on her back. Shortly afterwards, she locates the guy still laughing among his friends about what just transpired. Jung-won then proceeds to pour a drink over his head.

A few days later Jung-won is horsing around with her brother on the top floor of their home. They notice that a new family moved into the house next to theirs. Jung-won then gets a sickening feeling as she notices the young guy in their family is the same guy that twisted her dragon mask around in the amusement park. His name is Eun-kyu (Jang Geun-Suk), a popular high school student that fronts the band “Doremifasoladido.”

The next evening, Jung-won attempts to sneak out of her house when Eun-kyo notices her from his house. He calls out to Jung-won and threatens to tell her parents unless she agrees to walk him from his high school to his practice studio for at least one week. Jung-won, eager to get to work and not have her parents find out, agrees to the deal.

When Jung-won accompanies Eun-kyo to his band’s practice session, she then notices an old familiar face. He’s Hee-won (Jeong Ui-Cheol), the band’s bassist and a former friend of Jung-won. They were actually close childhood friends for 10 years, until Jung-won unknowingly reported Hee-won’s father to the police. That incident ruined Hee-won’s family and he has never forgiven her since. Now, Hee-won attempts to drive a wedge between Jung-won and Eun-kyu, as the three friends and former friends encounter stormy times ahead.

Based on the internet novel of the same title and written by Guiyeoni, Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do is a touching love story with bittersweet elements.

Jung-won wears a funny dragon suit, while working at the amusement park, and pours soda on Eun-gyu, because of his taunts. A short while later, Jung-won finds out that Eun-gyu has moved into the house next to hers. Eun-gyu now threatens to tell Jung-won’s parents that she works part time at a local mart. To keep Eun-gyu quiet, Jung-won agrees to carry his guitar for a week.

Jung-won then starts to develop feelings for Eun-gyu, who is the lead singer of a band called Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do. Eun-gyu also starts to develop similar feelings for Jung-won. The two soon become a couple.

With an odd twist of fate, Jung-won went to the band's rehearsal room and meets a familiar person from her past, a boy named Hee-won. Their relationship makes everything more complicated. For 10 years , Jung-won and Hee-won were close friends, but because Jung-won did something that broke Hee-won's family apart they stopped talking to each other completely. And Hee-won, seeking revenge at Jun-won, allow his "friends" to beat her rendering her crippled. Jung-won is now surprised to learn that her ex-close friend is now best friends with her boyfriend.

Hee-won admits that he still likes his best friend despite what she did and he wants her back. Jun-won accepts him back into her life despite what he did and when Hee-won makes her choose between him and Eun-gyu, Jun-won makes the choice of going with Hee-won. Which leaves Eun-gyu devastated, he gives her one last chance to come back to him or else he will never be able to sing again but she breaks his heart once more and chooses Hee-won after he begged her.

A few months after it happened Jun-won hears that Eun-gyu had gotten into an accident and was diagnosed with temporary amnesia, he forgets all about her. She then spends all her time trying to get him to remember. The last scene is an re-enactment of the bands last show in which Eun-gyu gave her a last chance. The movie ends with him remembering everything and begging Jun-won not to leave him again in which she promises she never will, and with the credits showing how all of their lives improved when it all ended.

Main Cast
Cha Ye-Ryeon - Jeong-won Yun
Jang Geun-Suk - Eun-kyu Shin
Jeong Ui-Cheol - Hee-won Kang

Supporting Cast

Lim Ju-Hwan - Jae-kwang Yun (Jeong-won's brother)
Han Su-Yeon - Dong-hee
Han Tae-Yun - So-yeon Shin (Eun-kyu's sister)
Lee Eun - Yeon-ah (Jeong-won's friend)
Park Min-Ji - Na-ri Shin (keyboardist)
Kim Hye-Ok
Lee Hyo-Chun
Mun Won-Ju
Lee Keun-Hee

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