Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Genre : Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Sets of Episode : 20
Released year : 2010

This drama is a love story between a handsome young man worked as a company president named Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) and a beautiful stuntwoman Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won). Now I will tell you some synopsis and review of Secret Garden drama [시크릿 가든 : Sikeurit Gadeun, literally means "Secret Garden"]. One day, his relation, Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun) asked Joo Won to pick up an actrees named Park Chae Rin. But Joo Won brought Gil Ra Im (her stuntwoman) instead. After that incident, Joo Won developed feeling toward Ra Im.

On a certain day, Oska, Joo Won, and Ra Im went to a Jeju island to film Oska’s music video. But then they were separated. Joo Won searched Ra Im and somehow They ended up in a forest and found a small mysterious cottage. Then they drank a magic tea or a potion. Nothing happened between them, and then they went home and sleep. After they woke up, their soul switched. Until these switched soul episodes, everything became funny. But a few days later, xx got an accident while filming and she was in comatose state. xx wanted to wake her up then he think about switching their soul again so she could wake up. Lastly, he knew that they can switch their soul when there's a thunder (or rain). So xx brought unconscious xx to a place where the rain will fall. Then they really switched their soul.

Miracle did happen. Xx woke up from his comatose state and finally they were together. They married but xx parent didn’t give her permission. Time skip, a few years later, they had three kids and stand in front of xx parent’s house. The kids accepted by xx mom but she still didn’t accept his wife. Well, at least the ending was not sad. This drama might be a fantasy but everything is still acceptable. There were some funny scenes too so you will not be boring and will always anticipating the next episode. The storyline was unique too. I think this drama was really fresh and very recommended to watch. This Korean drama’s screen writer is Kim Eun Sook. I always admire her drama. I think her drama was always great. So, if you haven’t watched this drama yet, you should hurry up and watch the drama. You will be entertained well by it!

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