Miracle in Cell No. 7

Genre : Drama, Comedy
Released year : 2013

Miracle in Cell No. 7 Movie Review

The first time I heard about this movie, when my friends and I was talking about Korean movie in campus laboratory. They said that this movie was so damn sad and tragic. They recommend this movie to me but I didn’t immediately watch this movie because I was a little bit busy back then. A few months later, I watched EXO Showtime (one kind of boyband’s variety show in Korea) and they were crying while watching this drama. So I was curious and tried to watch this movie too. Are you looking for the review of this movie because of EXO too? Well, EXO is pretty popular these days.

Korea has a lot of good drama to watch. And Korean movies are as good as its drama. This time I wanna recommend you to watch this movie. Miracle in Cell No.7 [7번방의 선물: 7 beonbang-ui Seonmul, literally means "A Gift from Room No.7") from the beginning till the end, this movie tells about Korean law with some funny flavors ala Korean. This movie succeeded in pulling more than 10 million viewers. This movie became the 8th Korean movie because its profit is 10 times bigger than production cost. So you don’t have to think twice whether you should watch this movie or not.

This movie tells about a father named Lee Yong Gu (Ryu Seung Ryong) who had mental disability but really loves his 6 years old children Ye Seung (Kal So Won). On a certain day, it's started from a conflict of a Sailor Moon-printed bag that he already promised to Ye Seung, he acidentally trapped in a serious case with accusation for kidnapping, sexual abuse, and murdering a police commissioner’s daughter. That girl was the last person who bought the bag.

Yong Gu and Ye Seung was separated. Ye Seung was sent to children care institution. Meanwhile, Yong Gu was imprisoned in cell No.7 where this cell had high security level. Other prisoner in this jail aware that Yong Gu was having mental disability. Yong Gu just wished one thing, to see his daughter, Ye Seung. But their cell’s policy banned them for having any visitor, so all cell No.7 prisoner which led by hilarious gangster whose his life was saved by Yong Gu tried to granted his wish so that Ye Seung can meet his father. How was their adventure to make this wish-comes-true-operation?

When Ye Seung (Park Shin Hye) grown up, she became a law student. She worked really hard in the trial to proof that his father was innocent. How will it go? Can Yong Gu meet Ye Seung again? Can Ye Seung prove that his father wasn't guilty?

2 Responses to "Miracle in Cell No. 7"

  1. So beautiful movie...
    So realistic... 😊😂
    Congratulations to the casts...🎉🎉🎉

  2. So beautiful movie...
    So realistic... 😊😂
    Congratulations to the casts...🎉🎉🎉


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