A Gentleman’s Dignity

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama
Sets of Episode : 20
Released year : 2012

A Gentleman’s Dignity Movie Review

This is one of my favorite dramas. Honestly, I watched a lot of Korean drama and Korean movie. I even like their music, you know, KPop. If you asked if I’m a fangirl of a Korean boyband, well yes, I’m a big fan of some boybands *and sometimes girlband too* and I am multifandom so don’t asked me to choose one of them because I will never can. *Okay that was only intermezzo :) *

A Gentleman’s Dignity [신사의 품격: Shinsa-ui Pumkyeok, literally means Gentleman’s Dignity] is a drama about the friendship (or maybe a brotherhood) between four man in their age 40s. Kim Dojin (Jang Donggun), Im Taesan (Kim Sooro), Choi Yoon (Kim Minjong), and Lee Jungrok (Lee Jonghyuk)are bestfriend since they were in high school. Even after so many years, they are still best friend. Each of them has problematic love story that can make the viewers laugh, cry, sad, and even angry.

Kim Dojin is an architect. He has a join company with Taesan. On a certain day, Dojin met a high school teacher named Seo Yisoo (Kim Haneul) in such a unique way. Yisoo was planning to buy some kind of accessories on the street and accidentally her woolen skirt’s thread hooked onto Dojin bag. But thanks to the stupid brain, he forgot to ask her number or even her name. Destiny says otherwise, they finally met again and later known that teacher Yisoo actually loves Taesan, his friend.

Taesan, he himself was interested in making teacher Yisoo’s friend, Hong Sera (Yoon Se Ah), to be his girlfriend. Sera is a golf player. She doesn’t have any interest in marriage or having family because she loves her carrier as golf player. But somehow she also really loves Taesan and doesn’t want to lose him.

Choi Yoon is an attorney and has already married but his wife passed away. Im Meahri (Yoon Jinyi), Taesan’s younger sister, loves Choi Yoon since she was a kid but being realistic, his brother didn’t allow her to love him. Meahri is too young for Choi Yoon. But Meahri became stubborn and kept doing what she likes and attached to Choi Yoon.

Jungrok also had married with a very successful carrier woman who owns some department store. He owns a café called MANGO SIX and works as manager there. He cheated his wife a lot but despite being cruel scenes, the moment Jungrok cheated his wife turned into funny scenes. How he always hid his wedding ring every time he approached another woman and then caught by his wife.

There will be a very shocking moment in the middle of episodes. When there’s a boy who came to Korea to look for his biological father. And his father is one of those four friends. The mother of that boy is the first love of those four best friend back then in college. Flashback, when they were in college, those four best friend fallen in love with one women. That woman is their first love. But suddenly that woman disappeared without telling them. Then, who was that boy real father?

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