Ling (Zero) Lyrics - OST MARS

Ling (Zero)Lyrics - OST Mars

MARS intro theme song ~ Ling (Zero)
Artist: Alan Ke You Lun
Lyricist: Alan Ke You Lun
Song: Zhong Guo Hui
Arrangement: Zhong Cheng Hu

cong lai bu xiang xin wo de shi jie ke yi you duo wan mei
tong ku ji mo hai you yi xie pi bei
bu yun xu zhao ren sui yi
jin ru wo de ling du kong jian
ning yuan gu du lan de zai qu xiang shui

*lia ge ren yi qi shi fou zhi shi de dao yi zhong an wei
zheng tuo guo qu ran hou wang ji yi qie
mei xiang guo you tian wo de jie ju hu ran quan bu gai bian
shui hui zhua zhu wo de wu li shuang bi
zen me hui iku
(shui cuo shui dui wei shui bao qian)
bu hui zai ku
(shui cuo shui dui wei shui qiao cui)

**zou ru ling du kong jian deng dao yi qie fen lie
jiu suan ai de wei xian wo men yi qi mian dui
lai bu ji de fang bei mei ting guo de shi yan
wo zen me xue hui duo le ai de ming tian

***zou chu ling du kong jian zhong yu yi qie fen lie
jiu suan ai de hen lei wo que bu hui hou hui
fang xia suo you fang bei yi qie dou wu suo wei
tao chu hei an shi jie kai shi xin de ming tian
xin de ming tian

repeat *
repeat **
repeat ***
xin de shi jie

English Translation

Never believed how perfect my world could be
Pain, loneliness, and also a bit beaten
Prohibited from finding people as one wishes
Entering my zero degree space

Would rather be lonely, too lazy to think about who
Is a kind of comfort received when two people are together?
Struggling and then forgetting everything
Never thought that one day my ending would actually all change
Who would grab my powerless pair of arms
What’s the reason for crying
(Who’s right, who’s wrong, feeling sorry for who)
Won’t cry again
(Who’s right, who’s wrong, distressed for who)

Entering zero degree space, waiting until everything is broken
Even love’s dangers, we’ll face it together
It’s too late to defend, a promise never heard
How do you want me to learn, a tomorrow with more love

Exiting zero degree space, everything;s finally broken
Even if tired from loving, I won’t regret it
Putting down all defenses, everything doesn’t matter
Escaping the dark world, starting a new tomorrow
A new world


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  1. I never like drama series, but Mars has been one of few dramas that catch my attention, because its dark theme and this song. I ranked this highly enough to make it one of my favorites, and along with Luna Sea's I For You (Kamisama mou sukoshi dake's OST) became the only two drama OSTs i liked. Thanx for the awesome translation!


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