Prince Turns to Frog OST Track List

Prince Turns to Frog OST track List
Track List Ost Prince Turns to Frog

Prince Turns to Frog OST Detail :

*Title: Prince Turns to Frog Original Soundtrack
*Artist: Various
*Publisher: Warner Music (TW)
*Year Released: 2006
*Number of tracks: 11

[ALBUM] Prince Turns to Frog OST Tracklist :

1. 迷魂計 - 183 Club [Mi Hun Ji - Enchanting Trick]
2. Wonderful Day - 配樂 [Instrumental]
3. 魔法 Smile - 183 Club [Mo Fa ‘Smile’: Magical Smile]
4. Bye! Boy - 7朵花 [7 Flowers]
5. Latina - 配樂 [Instrumental]
6. 不夠勇敢 - VJ [Bu Gou Yong Gan: Not Brave Enough]
7. 失去記憶最初的愛 - 配樂 [Shi Qu Ji Yi Zui Chu De Ai: Memory Puzzle - Instrumental]
8. 我只想要 - 7 朵花 [Wo Zhi Xiang Yao: All I Want] - 7 Flowers
9. 醒醒 - 配樂 [Xing Xing - Wake Up] - Instrumental
10. 閉上眼默唸3遍 - 183 Club & 7 朵花 [Bi Shang Yan Mo Nian ‘3′ Bian: Call My Name]
11. 真愛 -183 Club [Zhen Ai - Pure Love]

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