OST Hot Shot(Taiwan Drama)

Hot Shot or (Lan Qiu Huo), or Basket Ball Fire is the most anticipated Taiwanese Series this year, starring 3 big chinese male superstar - Jerry Yan, Show Luo, and Wu Chun.

Upcoming drama “Hot Sho”� is set out to compete with Taiwan’s highest rating drama “Fated to Love You” CTV and GTV racked their brains to attract viewers; on June 17th announced that if the rating of the first episode of Hot Shot wins against Fated to Love You, the 3 main male leads Jerry Yan, Alan Luo and Wu Zun will reveal their upper body.

This album features Hot Shot soundtrack.

Album : Hot Shot Code (篮球火音乐圣典)
Release : 08 August 2008
Language : Mandarin

Track List:
01.绝对无敌 - 倪子冈 (Jue Dui Wu Di - NESE)
02.霹雳决斗 (Pi Li Jue Dou)
03.Superman - 倪子冈 (Superman - NESE)
04.隧道 - 林凡 (Sui Dao - Freya Lim)
05.绝对无敌之 (箭在弦上) (Jue Dui Wu Di Zhi)
06.真的,我没事 - 符致逸 (Zhen De,Wo Mei Shi)
07.不要对我再说爱 - 林凡 (Bu Yao Wui Wo Zai Shuo Ai - Freya Lim)
08.隧道之 (彩虹尽头) (Sui Dao Zhi)
09.真的,我没事之 (天亮后) (Zhen De,Wo Mei Shi Zhi)
10.绝对无敌之 (篮球梦) (Jue Dui Wu Di Zhi)
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