Korean Drama Jumong : Synopsis Episode 1 (삼한지-주몽 편/The Book Of Three Han)

Korean Drama Jumong : Synopsis Episode 1 (삼한지-주몽 편/The Book Of Three Han)
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Jumong (Korean Drama) : Episode 1 (Synopsis)

It is the reign of the great Chinese Han empire in 108 B.C. during the dwindling time of the Gojoseon, descendants of ancient Choseon, who have been fighting against the oppression for many years. The Han round up thousands of migrants to condemn as criminals or slaves, and the remaining hope for the Gojoseon people is the Tameul Army, freedom fighters led by the infamous hero Hae Mosu (Heo Jun-ho), who has set up base near Puyeo.

During a gladiator fight before the the Han Imperial family inside the chief city, Hyeonto, a bloody battle erupts as one of the exhibitors reveals himself as Hae Mosu, come with his warriors to free migrant prisoners and kill the Han overlords. His "opponent" in the ring is none other than the Crown Prince Keumwa (Jeon Kwang-yeol) of Puyeo, the two sharing ideals and a close friendship. With a minor success, the rebels flee back to Puyeo, the Crown Prince suffering an injury.

Keumwa's heroic deeds are unknown to his royal family, headed by the sickly King, Haepuru, and guided by the devious Royal Military Advisor, Budeukbul (Lee Jae-yong), as he continues to play the demure son. Despite his injury, he asks to be the one to return the Han Emperor's summons for a gathering of the Nobles back in Hyeonto. Once there, Keumwa is disheartened to find a childhood friend, taken as a migrant slave, working as an Army official for Han. But his spirits are lifted as he sees the beautiful Lady Yuhwa (Oh Yeon-su) of Habaek Village. During their council with the Han regent, they are given a warning not to help Hae Mosu and are forced to watch as the Han's brutal elite warriors, the Iron Army, massacre migrant escapees from the previous assassination. Yuhwa displays great strength as she defies the Han regarding the devastation; she's imprisoned, but released thanks to Keumwa, who is by now totally smitten with her.

Keumwa uses the Han's threat against Puyeo as a springboard to hasten their make of new iron weapons, which he supplies to the Tameul Army. Unfortunately he is discovered in his attempts by Budeukbul, who informs the King of what his son has been doing. Keumwa pleads with his father to join Hae Mosu, and he finally agrees to meet with the rebel hero. However, the Tameul Army has just taken up arms against the Han, unwittingly going against the Iron Army itself. Many escape the assault, but Hae Mosu is hit and falls unconscious into the river.

With both Keumwa and the Iron Army looking for his whereabouts, Hae Mosu is rescued by Lady Yuhwa, who nurses him back to health outside her village. Not quite certain who the hurt stranger is, the Lady devises to use him against her father's efforts to marry her off by saying he's her sweetheart. With much bad luck, the Iron Army gets to the village where news of the stranger has already reached the Lord's ears. After hearing of the threat - and that Yuhwa has indeed grown fond of the man she saved, her longtime idol - Hae Mosu flees in an attempt to spare the Habaek people ...

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