Korean Drama Jumong : Synopsis Episode 2 (삼한지-주몽 편/The Book Of Three Han)

Korean Drama Jumong : Synopsis Episode 2 (삼한지-주몽 편 / The Book Of Three Han) | Synopsis Drama Korea Jumong | Jumong korean Drama Synopsis | Synopsis Drama Jumong Prince of The Legend

Jumong,Prince of The Legend : Synopsis Episode 2

Accused of harboring Hae Mo Soo, everyone in Yu Hwa’s tribe members gets killed except her. However, Hae Mo Soo manages to sneak away. He happens to meet Yeon Ta Bal and his group. He’s shocked to hear that the whole tribe was murdered because of him. Yeon Ta Bal Soon realizes that the man who seems very shocked about the news is Hae Mo Soo. In order to turn him in, he hires Hae Mo Soo as his help. Later, someone attacks Yeon Ta Bal and his group, but Hae Mo Soo helps them escape danger. That night, Geum Wa rescues Yu Hwa and runs away with her. She tells him that Hae Mo Soo is still alive.

Meanwhile, Yeon Ta Bal’s wife gives birth to a baby girl. Yeon Ta Bal names her So Seo No. He pledges that he’ll raise his daughter stronger and wiser than any other man in the world.

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