Don't Cry Mommy (돈 크라이 마미)

Don't Cry Mommy Review Movie Synopsis

Genre : Crime Drama film
Released year : 2012
  • Yoo Sun as Yoo-lim
  • Nam Bo-ra as Eun-ah, daughter of Yoo-lim
  • Shin Dongho as Jo-han, schoolmate of Eun-ah
  • Yu Oh-seong as police detective
  • Kwon Hyun-sang as Park Joon
  • Choi Dae-cheol

From the title, we can imply that this is sad movie. I cried a lot because I have to watch the effort of a mother who looked for the justice for her daughter. I knew about this movie from a friend. We were talked about Junko via chatting application (well, her story is so damn tragic. That’s real and I don’t see justice and I’m mad. Googled it if you want to know about the abuses which were experienced by her, but prepare your mind). Then I said to my friend, if I was Junko’s mother, I would kill those bastards with my own hands, I don’t care if I’m gonna be jailed after that. Then my friend said, “Oh, you just like the mother in Don’t Cry Mommy movie. She also took revenge for her abused daughter”. Then I was curious about that movie so I decided to watch it. 
Don’t Cry Mommy [돈 크라이 마미: Don Keurai Mami, literally means Don’t Cry Mommy] is a movie which tells about Yoo Lim’s effort to make revenge for her daughter. She a single parent who’s having a daughter named Eun Ah. She has divorced her husband because her husband is a total jerk. Eun Ah can play Cello very well. Eun Ah is a high school girl. In his new high school, she made a new friend. There’s a delinquent student on her school and she fallen in love with him. His name is Jo Han (Shin Dong Ho, former U-KISS member). Jo Han knew that Eun Ah loves him, but Jo Han turned out to be a real badass. He asked Eun Ah to come to the rooftop and set a trap with his friends. Jo Han’s two friends brutally raped Eun Ah and Jo Han filmed it. 
Actually, Eun Ah’s friend knows about this incident but they threatened her if she told prosecutor about them, they might kill her. So, the one and only witness of Eun Ah’s sexual abuse decided to shut her mouth. Yoo Lim (Eun Ah’s mom) reported this case to the police and they prepared a trial to punish the suspects. Unfortunately, there’s no enough evidence and the suspects are categorized as minor. I really can’t understand how the law works. I’m so mad when among three of them, just one who got the punishment and that was a very trivial punishment. 
The unfortunate experience didn’t end just once. Jo Han’s friend contacted Eun Ah to come to their apartment and they said that if she didn’t show up, they will send the video to her mother. Eun Ah then came to their apartment bringing a cutter, intend to kill those boys. Eun Ah is not so strong so she defeated by the boys. She raped again and even filmed again. I’m so disappointed with Eun Ah. If she’s not strong enough to fight the boys, she shouldn’t come. This girl is really out of her mind. A few days later, she bought a cake for her mother she wrote something on the cake. When Yoo Lim came back home, she found Eun Ah suicide by cutting her wrist in the bathroom. Eun Ah passed away because of so much blood lost. 

Yoo Lim went home to her apartment. She opened the refrigerator and found a cake bought by the deceased Eun Ah for her. She cried when she read what Eun Ah wrote on the cake, “Don’t Cry Mommy”. Then she went to Eun Ah’s former berdroom. She opened Eun Ah cell phone and found the video when Eun Ah was sexually abused. She became hysteric and furious and she wanted to kill those boys by her own hands. It’s a bit relieving that finally those boys died pitifully by Yoo Lim’s own hands, but Yoo Lim died too in the end. This movie really makes me want to protect myself. Since I’m also a girl and being a girl is so dangerous.

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