Jackal is Coming

Jackal is Coming

Genre : Comedy
Released Year : 2012

Jackal is Coming Review - Woohoo.. Jaejoong oppa first movie is so amazing! Well, I am a big fan of DBSK and even though he wasn’t in DBSK anymore *and I was so hurt seeing them breaking apart* I still support him and his first movie. Today I wanna review his movie, Jakal is Coming. This movie [자칼이 온다 : Jakali Onda, literally means “Jakal is Coming”]is a Korean comedy film starring Kim Jaejong and Song Ji Hyo. If you are a big fan of Running Man, you should know her. Well, she is the ace of that famous variety show.

Comedy is a genre which is easy to assess whether it was success or not. If the viewers laughed a lot when watching this drama, then we can count that this movie is a success. All I can say was Jackal is Coming can make you both laugh hard and annoyed.

The storyline of this movie is simple. We can see Choi Hyun (Kim Jae Joong), an actor and a K-Pop idol, who was bored with his daily life as idol even though he always surrounded with his fanatic fans. One of them is Angela (Kim Sung Ryeong). Angela is a fangirl who frequently bought expensive gifts for Choi Hyun. She already have husband, a middle-aged rich man. Because of that, Hyun chose to escape and take a rest in a small hotel called Paradise.

It turned out that Hyun got a big problem because of his action. Bong Min-Jung (Song Ji Hyo), a clumsy and off-the-wall hit man, was requested to kill Hyun. Unfortunately, one group of polices which has five members led by Shin (Han Sang Jin) and Detective Ma (Oh Dal Su) also entered the hotel to reveal serial killer that they call "Jackal". Three fortresses in one hotel sound easy. But the problem is Min Jung recently aware that Hyun is actually her favorite idol.

When I watched this movie, I was welcomed by an exciting opening. But in the middle of the movie, there were some "missed" that made this movie lost its intriguing aspects. I don't know if all viewers have the same opinion as me but the screenplays were just weak. Even though the ending was pretty good, it would be complete if the middle of the movie was a little bit fixed. Overall, this movie is still recommended to watch!

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