My Girlfriend is an Agent

Korean Drama My Girlfriend is an Agent Review

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Action
Released year : 2009

My Girlfriend is an Agent - Hi guys! Meet me again with another Korean movie review. This time I wanna talk about a Korean movie which was released 4 years ago. I have reviewed a lot of romance and drama movie so this time I wanna review romance comedy and a little bit action. This movie was so interesting. So, let’s check this synopsis out.

My Girlfriend is An Agent [7급 공무원: 7geum Gongmuwon, literally means "7th Level Civil Servant"] is a Korean movie which combine romance, comedy, and action genre. In my humble opinion, when it comes to romance comedy, actually Thailand got the best position. Thailand’s romance comedy is always great! I was always laughing out loud when I was watching Thailand’s comedy romance. My Girlfriend is An Agent is a good movie. From this movie, we could get the romance side, the comedy side, and the action side. Now, I will tell you about the synopsis of this movie.

Ahn Sooji (Kim Haneul) and Lee Jaejoon (Kang Jihwan) were couple. Both of them worked as secret agent but never tell each other. One day, a Russian organized crime group was planned to steal a sophisticated chemical weapon from Korea. Two secret agents were ordered to stop this action. The first agent was Sooji, a veteran secret agent who was mastered in martial arts and even her comrades were envying her. The second agent was his boyfriend, Jaejoon. He was a rookie who was never been out on the field and always goofed up on the job. Since Jaejoon never been in field before, so his action was so clumsy and funny. Sooji and Jaejoon didn't know each other's identity because they never revealed their real occupation as secret agents.

When they were fighting with their enemy, they finally encountered each other and knew that they were actually secret agents. They had a small quarrel at first but after that they teamed up to fight their enemy. Finally they win the battle and their enemy failed to steal the advanced chemical weapon.

This Korean movie is recommended to watch if you want to watch romance comedy in Korea style. Kim Haneul and Kang Jihwan are really suitable for this movie and their acting is so great. You should watch My Girlfriend is An Agent because you will not disappointed by their acting and the storyline. Have fun watching! :)

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