5 Recommended Korean Horror Movies

5 Recommended Korean Horror MoviesI like almost all movie’s or drama series’ genre. Horror is one of my favorite genres. I even watched it alone while my friends like to watch it together. There’s no thrill when you watched horror movie together. But, everybody has different opinion. This time I want to recommend some Korean horror movies that you can enjoy with your friend, or maybe alone like me during your free times.

1. A Tale of Two Sisters (2000)

korean horror movies a tale two sister

This story began with a teenage girl who was hospitalized in mental hospital. She kept silent when the doctor questioning her. And when she looked at the window, the story flashed back. Su Mi (Im Soo Jung) and her younger sister Su Yeon (Moon Geun Young) just arrived at a classic-styled house which has wide yard and near the lake. A woman (it turned out she was their step-mother) greeted them when they were entering the house. Her name is Eun Joo (Yeom Jong Ah). Su Mi doesn’t like Eun Joo and often ignores her. Su Mi experienced nightmares frequently in that house. Their father, Moo Hyeon (Kim Kap Su) was also cold toward them as if he doesn’t care about his children. Su Yeon was the only her companion. But at a certain day, Su Yeon disappeared. Su Mi became frustrated and thought that her step-mother did something bad to Su Yeon. One day, Su Mi found a sack full of blood stains in the corner of her house.

This movie is a not a thriller-type horror movie which is full of murder and assassination, but it’s still thrilling. It’s a little bit sad but you won’t be disappointed because this movie is really worth to see. Hollywood even remakes this movie and titled it with The Uninvited.

2. Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs (2003)

Korean Horror Movies Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs (2003)

Another sequel of Whispering Corridor horror movie is always worth to watch. Well, it’s not really a sequel because the story is always different between another series and it has no relation at all. But the setting is still the same, school life. This story told us about legendary stairs which can grant your wish when you stepped on the 29th stair (the spirit will grant your wish). This story is focused on two girl named Kim So Hee (Park han Byul) and Yoon Jin Sung (Song Ji Hyo). Both of them took ballet class and they’re best friend. But their friendship cracked when there is a ballet competition which the winner will get a scholarship to a famous ballet school in Russia.

Jin Sung came to the legendary stair. Jin Sung didn’t believe that legend at first. But Eom Hye Joo (Jo An), a fat-ugly-duckling girl, came to pray on that stair and became slim and pretty. Jin Sung finally believes that legend and wish that she can win over So Hee. It turned out that the consequence of that wish is So Hee’s life to be taken forever. Eom Hye Joo who became lonely after So Hee’s death wished the dead girl back on that legendary stairs. Then evil spirit appeared and began haunting Jin Sung. Like the previous movies, this move also has strong theme of friendship and betrayal. This time it also has the taboo of lesbian relationship in all-girls school.

3. Whispering Corridors 4: Voice (2005)

Korean Horror Movies Whispering Corridors 4: Voice (2005)

This Korean horror movie took setting at school. This story is mainly telling about Yeong Eon, one of a girl student in her school. She had an opportunity to take a part of her school choir. Her teacher chose her to sing as solo because her teacher thought that she has different vocal character among her friends. One night, Yeong Eon was practicing her vocal in music room. Her best friend, Sun Min told Yeong Eon to not to practice too hard and she should take care of her health. When Sun Min asked Yeong Eon to go home together, Yeong Eon refused her offer and said that she wanted to keep practicing. Finally, Sun Min went home by herself. When Yeong Eon was alone that practicing room, suddenly there was someone mysterious threw a paper to her neck and she died immediately.

The day after, Sun Min wondered why Yeong Eon didn’t appear at school. And there was something more mysterious, Sun Min could hear Yeong Eon’s voice but she can’t see her. Sun Min decided to search Yeong Eon because of curiosity with Cho Ah who also could hear Yeong Eon’s voice. Like its title, his movie is mostly focused on “voice”. So you will be able to hear a lot of mysterious opera and orchestra that can give you goose bumps.

4. White: The Melody of Curse (2011)

Korean Horror Movies

Korea is so famous with its entertainment industry. Even Indonesia has been infected by Halyu Wave (Korean wave) too. I think Indonesia started to fully accept Kpop in the beginning of 2012. There are many Korean boyband and girlband concert were held in Indonesia. Last year, there was Korean variety show took place in Indonesia (Jogjakarta) too. This horror movie starred Eun Jung (the member of Korean girlband T-ARA). White: The Melody of Curse [화이트: 저주의 멜로디 Hwaiteu: Jeojooui Mellodi, literally means White: The Melody of Curse] told us about a new-debuted girlband called “Pink Dolls”. But not long after, this girlband lost their fame and this was mostly caused by bad team work among them. A tragedy began when Eun Jung found an old video cassette titled “White” and the management decided that that song will be the single for their second album. The jealousy among group’s member widen when they finally had to decide who should be the main vocalist. Main vocalist means the center of attention. The ambition makes the evil spirit influenced their mind and the curse started to destroy them one by one until the very last person who knows about the mystery behind the video cassette.

5. Don’t Click (2012)

Korean Horror Movies Don’t Click (2012)

The story began when Jung Mi (Kang Byul) received a video medium ritual from Joon Hyuk (Joo Woon). This video contained a doll which is its abdomen was being sliced. Jung Mi shared this video with her friend, Cutie (Hae In). Jung Mi also shared the video with Se Hee. The strange thing is the file which is supposed to be a video ritual turned into sexual abuse video in a public room. She was curious and opened the file in her computer. When she opened it, the video content changed again into wardrobe sketch video, the same wardrobe like the one in Jung Mi’s room. In that sketch, the wardrobe’s door was opened. A few seconds later, the wardrobe behind Jung Mi was being opened and slowly a pale hand crawled from…. *it’s secret :p*

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