Secret ([비밀)


Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Sets of Episode : 16
Released year : 2013

korean drama secret reviews

I just finished watching this drama last night. I cried, but not too much like I was crying because of watching I Hear Your Voice drama. This drama is really recommended to watch. Its rating was pretty high from the start. But I was watching The Heirs first because I was tempted by its famous casts. Then I regret because this drama is so great.

This drama consists of 16 episodes. Secret, [비밀: Bimil, literally means Secret], tells about the sacrifice, betrayal, and revenge. I don’t really like drama about betrayal because I once watched Queen of Ambition and I disappointed by the ending. I’m not sure too watch this drama at first, but I heard that the rating is pretty high so I decided to try watching. The first four episodes caught my attention. I thought that the storyline will be boring like a soap opera. I was wrong, seriously. There were too much mysteries and it made me get curious about the next episode. Secret began with the love story of the main protagonist Kang Yoo Jong (Hwang Jung Eum). She was in love with law student named Anh Do Hoon (Bae Soo Bin). Yoo Jong often took care of Do Hoon’s university tuition until he became a prosecutor and even bought him a car. Yoo Jeong is not a rich girl. She was the only daughter of a small bakery shop’s owner. She did a lot of part time job to cover her expenses and Do Hoon’s needs.

On a rainy night, Do Hoon proposed Yoo Jeong at their usual café. On their way back home, their car hit a pregnant girl, Seo Ji Hee (Yang Jin Sung), and she died on the spot. Seo Ji Hee was the lover of K-Group’s heir Jo Min Hyeok (Ji Sung). Min Hyeok loves the girl a lot but his parents never allow him to date Ji Hee because she was merely his employee. Min Hyeok’s dad wanted Min Hyeok to marry Shin Ah Foundation’s heir, Shin Se Yeon (Lee Da Hee). When Ji Hee died while carrying his unborn child, Min Hyeok was so mad and wanted to get revenge from Yoo Jeong. Min Hyeok made Yoo Jeong suffered a lot in prison. He hated Yoo Jeong so much because he thought she was the one who killed Ji Hee. Why Min Hyeok want to ruin Yoo Jeong life, not Do Hoon? That’s because of Yoo Jeong’s love for Do Hoon then she voluntarily took the blame instead of him. But she never thought that Do Hoon would betray her in the end. DoHoon became a cruel person because of his ambition and he became the K-Group Legal Team’s leader.

A big reversal happened. Min Hyeok, who resents Yoo Jeong so much at first, started to love her. He began to help Yoo Jeong and showed his interest in Yoo Jeong. Yoo Jeong finally realized that Do Hoon never really helps her from the start. DoHoon’s wicked actions revealed one by one as Yoo Jeong found the evidences. Yoo Jeong was so angry then she asked Min Hyeok to help her get revenge from Do Hoon. Unfortunately, Do Hoon has power back up from Se Yeon. Se Yeon really loves Min Hyeok so she doesn’t want Min Hyeok to be happy with Yoo Jeong.

I really enjoy this drama. The storyline is clear and thrilling so I never get bored. The person who get revenge that started because of love, that person will dies with lonely heart. But, the love that started because of revenge, how it will end? You should search the answer by yourself. Heheee~ Watch this drama, you won’t regret it!

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