49 Days Movie Review

49 Days Movie Review

“49 DAYS”
Genre : Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Sets of Episode : 20
Released year : 2011

49 Days Movie Review - Another fantasy drama from SBS was worth to watch. I cried when I watched this drama. Not as much as while I was watching I Hear Your Voice though. I have my own standard for saying whether a drama is good or not. Do you want to know? Well, if I want to spend a lot of my time watching a certain drama until the dawn was breaking, then that drama is the best! This drama was interesting but not until that extent.

49 Days [49일 : 49 il, literally means 49 Days] tells about Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) who was an only daughter of a wealthy family and she also had good friends. She also has a fiancé, an almost perfect man named Kang Min Ho (Bae Soo Bin). Unfortunately, Ji Hyun got a car accident and died on the spot. But Ji Hyun was given a chance to live again if she can complete a mission given by a scheduler (or we can say it an angel of death?). The mission was she had to collect three tear drops from people who really shed tears for her wholeheartedly within 49 days. If she succeeds in the mission, she will back to life. But if she can't complete the mission, she will die forever.

In other hands, there was a pitiful girl named Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) whose her boyfriend died in a tragic accident. She lost her will to life and sometimes even attempted suicide. Ji Hyun can use Yi Kyung body to run her mission. She entered Yi Kyung body when Yi Kyung was sleeping. Ji Hyun started to work on her mission using Yi Kyung body. She also took care of Yi Kyung body. After a while, Yi Kyung knew that there was a spirit took control of his body while she was sleeping. She scared at first, but then they talk heart to heart. When Ji Hyun succeeded in completing her mission, she came back to life. And the scheduler, who actually Yi Kyung deceased boyfriend also complete his particular mission and came back to life temporarily to meet Yi Kyung. But this is not the end and don’t think that finally they lived happily ever after. No! Something unpredicted happened and what will happen to Ji Hyun and who was actually Yi Kyung?

I love this drama because there are many hidden connection among each other. There will be lots of surprise awaiting you and it will be revealed one by one neatly. For the ending, I was pretty satisfied. Even though this drama is fantasy, I think the ending was realistic enough. That was supposed to be happened in the end. Let the deceased people rest in peace and we, the one who still alive, should cherish our life and keep moving on. Fighting!!! :)

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